Melody Lee: Bound on Duty

2010-02-05 16:33 minutes Bondage
Melody Lee: Bound on Duty 0
Melody Lee: Bound on Duty 1
Melody Lee: Bound on Duty 2
Melody Lee: Bound on Duty 3
Melody Lee: Bound on Duty 4

Melody Lee plays a police officer (in authentic uniform shirt, skirt and belt, pantyhose and heels) who runs afoul of a gang of criminals. Melody has been captured, bound hand and foot, gagged and blindfolded, and taken to a remote location. One of the thugs binds her knees and places her in a tight hogtie (onscreen). There is a struggle sequence where Melody, without the blindfold, tries desperately to escape, but her struggles do nothing except pull up her skirt so we can get a good look at her pantyhose-clad legs. Later, she is tied and tape-gagged and stowed in a closet for safekeeping. Melody is not happy about this, and keeps kicking and mouthing off through her gag. After spending some time in the closet, Melody finds herself tied to a chair. Her protests are quickly silenced by a rag stuffed into her mouth and secured with strips of white tape. Her captor toys with her, tipping the chair and taunting her while she moans and growls through the gag. Melody struggles against her bonds and almost tips the chair over, but she can’t escape!


Nurse Madison: Bound, Gagged and Tormented

2010-01-26 7:15 minutes
Nurse Madison: Bound, Gagged and Tormented 0
Nurse Madison: Bound, Gagged and Tormented 1
Nurse Madison: Bound, Gagged and Tormented 2
Nurse Madison: Bound, Gagged and Tormented 3
Nurse Madison: Bound, Gagged and Tormented 4

Madison Young is the cutest redhead, looking so sweet and innocent you’d hardly know how much she loves getting tied up, gagged and manhandled. In this scenario she plays a naïve nurse in her pure white uniform, athletic shoes and white pantyhose, as well as eyeglasses, who is overpowered by a burglar.


First, she has her hands bound in front of her with telephone cord. Then he makes her sit at her station and binds her hands to her knees with more wire. To silence her, he cleave-gags the girl with a strip of white surgical tape as she moans in disbelief, eyes wide behind her glasses. He leaves her alone for a second and she makes for the nearby desk, trying to find something to cut her bonds! A pair of scissors will do the trick, but before she can cut herself loose, the criminal returns. Annoyed at her escape attempt, he unbuttons her uniform, uncovering her perky breasts, and punishes her by twisting her nipples while hand-gagging her. He’s brought ropes now, the nurse now finds herself trussed up to a chair, her skirt pulled up so her curvy legs and white pantyhose are put on display. He exposes her breasts again and gags the helpless girl with a whole roll of ace bandage (gagging done onscreen). Finally, poor Madison is stripped down to her pantyhose, tightly tied with hemp rope while sitting on her desk and tape-gagged. Her tormentor plays with her breasts for a bit, then leaves her to her fate.