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Busty gal next door Riley endures two restrictive ties in this double feature. First up, our Southern belle, wearing a jeans mini-skirt, pantyhose and pink shirt, struggles against leather straps binding her wrists behind her, and her legs in ankle-to-thigh bonds. Riley protests through her gag and bounces around – very cute and sexy stuff. The remaining two-thirds of the clip find the pretty blonde already bound in a sitting position with her hands tied behind her, both wrists and thumbs for extra restraint. She is stil in her pink top, but the skirt and pantyhose are gone, leaving her in her cute light pink cotton panties. The barefoot babe is gagged onscreen with a rag fin her mouth (watch her eyes widen as the wadded cloth is jammed in) and tape, which doesn’t prevent her from screeching and shouting through her gag. After gagging her, her captor amuses himself by prodding her immobile body with his foot, ignoring her muffled protests. With Riley, you get lots of gag-talk and attitude, along with a body that won’t quit.


Tags: gag, tied, gagged