Real Estate Babe in Peril, Part II 0
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Real Estate Babe in Peril, Part II 2
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Actress-model Ariel Anderssen continues to shine in her role as a bitchy real estate agent that gets taken down a peg. Hogtied and cleave-gagged with electrical tape over her gag, our intrepid girl manages to untie her ankles, and when the guy who ties her up comes back, she tries kicking him in the face! He grabs her ankle and pushes her back down, overpowering her, and punishes her misbehavior with some spanking. With Ariel seemingly subdued, he gets her on a sitting position and starts working on her bonds; he decides she needs to be untied and re-tied. Meanwhile, Ariel continues to protest and say nasty things through her gag; there is nothing cute that a gagged British girl protesting indignantly! To make sure she doesn’t get too frisky while he unties her, her captor uses a piece of rope as a leash around her neck. She keeps protesting, even after he removes the uncomfortable crotch-rope she’s endured for who knows how long. As he continues untying her, she works her gag loose with her tongue; you can see her mind working as she loosens the gag and plans her next move. Then, as soon as her hands are loose, she leaps for the door and tries to call for help through the loosened gag. She is instead wrestled back down and threatened with the noose around her neck, and she allows herself to be re-bound. However, she tries to remove her gag with one of her hands while he binds the other one, and starts screaming for help, until her captor hand-gags her and ties another cleave-gag into her mouth. As he finishes binding both hands in a hammer-lock behind her back, she keeps trying to trick him through gag-talk, but he’s having none of it. He gets her on her feet, but the girl is still full of fight, trying to kick him and struggling while he carries her off! An action-packed clip.


Run Time: 8:26 min