Evelyn Rose: Kitchen Bound

2010-02-086:53 minutesBondage
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Evelyn Rose is best known for her burlesque fetish work, but she can also do “girl next door” quite well. The raven-haired beauty looks adorable in a shirt, blue jeans and heels, all tied up and gagged in a kitchen. Evelyn starts out hogtied and cleave-gagged on the countertop, trying to get loose, and succeeding only in losing one of her shoes. Next, she is tied to a chair, and gagged (onscreen) with a rag stuffed into her mouth and secured with duct tape over her lips. Her feet are then tied onscreen to the chair legs, leaving her helpless. Her captor leaves her to struggle, which she does, but will she get free?


Bondage Variety Pack III

2010-02-0661 imagesBondage
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Bondage Variety Pack III 3
Bondage Variety Pack III 4

Dozens of girls bound and gagged for your pleasure.

Melody Lee: Bound on Duty

2010-02-0416:33 minutesBondage
Melody Lee: Bound on Duty 0
Melody Lee: Bound on Duty 1
Melody Lee: Bound on Duty 2
Melody Lee: Bound on Duty 3
Melody Lee: Bound on Duty 4

Melody Lee plays a police officer (in authentic uniform shirt, skirt and belt, pantyhose and heels) who runs afoul of a gang of criminals. Melody has been captured, bound hand and foot, gagged and blindfolded, and taken to a remote location. One of the thugs binds her knees and places her in a tight hogtie (onscreen). There is a struggle sequence where Melody, without the blindfold, tries desperately to escape, but her struggles do nothing except pull up her skirt so we can get a good look at her pantyhose-clad legs. Later, she is tied and tape-gagged and stowed in a closet for safekeeping. Melody is not happy about this, and keeps kicking and mouthing off through her gag. After spending some time in the closet, Melody finds herself tied to a chair. Her protests are quickly silenced by a rag stuffed into her mouth and secured with strips of white tape. Her captor toys with her, tipping the chair and taunting her while she moans and growls through the gag. Melody struggles against her bonds and almost tips the chair over, but she can’t escape!


Kendra James: Bound in Red

2010-02-028:33 minutesBondage
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Kendra James: Bound in Red 3
Kendra James: Bound in Red 4

Red-haired Kendra James is a bondage superstar who has worked with the best and brightest in the bondage industry. In this little storyline she is bound and gagged in a sexy two-piece red outfit.


Kendra starts out with her wrists and elbows bound behind her back, and a cleave gag to keep her quiet, kneeling on a bed. She keeps trying to crawl away and her tormentor drags her back and ties her crossed ankles together, despite her attempts to kick him. He uses more rope to secure her shoes to her feet, so she won’t be kicking them away (sorry, barefoot lovers! There will be plenty of barefoot action in other clips). Kendra soon finds herself in a secure hogtie and is left to struggle against her bonds and gag. Next, she is tied in a standing position, with her arms overhead bound to a heating pipe and her knees tied together. She is gagged onscreen with medical wrap, with the gag wrapping around her head and pipe, securing her head to the pipe. She is left to struggle. Despite the fact her ankles are free, the ropes on her knees and hands render her quite helpless, which she soon discovers.


Bondage Housewarming Party

2010-01-319:44 minutesBondage
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Bondage Housewarming Party 3
Bondage Housewarming Party 4

Roxxxy (sensual former exotic dancer turned bondage model) is excellent as a perverted housewife with sinister plans for her sexy neighbor. Said sexy neighbor is Savannah Costello, a gorgeous and well-endowed blonde.


Roxxxy and her equally perverted cousin and partner in crime invite Savannah to a housewarming party. Roxxxy is dressed in a virginal white skirt, cream top, and heels. The unsuspecting Savannah comes in, wearing a print mini-dress, black thigh-high stockings, and heels. Next thing she knows, Roxxxy and her partner are grabbing her, hand-gagging her and tying her up (onscreen). The perverted duo has a great time examining, prodding and fondling their blonde victim as they truss her up, jam a rag into her mouth and secure it in place with a red scarf. They make fun of her “Wild Thing” panties as they bind her legs and finish tying her up. In the next scene, Savanah has been stripped down to her panties and stockings, and tightly bound. They comment about her boobs (he thinks they’re real, but Roxxxy doesn’t) and then gag her onscreen with another stuff and cleave gag. After Savannah’s gagged, Roxxxy spends some alone time with the blonde girl, pinching her nipples and toying with the helpless captive. But then Roxxxy’s friend decides Roxxxy needs to join in – as another tied up girl. He grabs Roxxxy and ties her up, then gags her with rag in her mouth and a cleave-gag. After telling the girls they’re in for a lot of fun, he leaves them to struggle together. Savannah manages to untie Roxxxy, but the crazy cousin comes in to put a stop to the escape attempt. What happens next… is up to your imagination.


Valerie Sky: Jeans and Pantyhose Bondage

2010-01-296:10 minutesBondage
Valerie Sky: Jeans and Pantyhose Bondage 0
Valerie Sky: Jeans and Pantyhose Bondage 1
Valerie Sky: Jeans and Pantyhose Bondage 2
Valerie Sky: Jeans and Pantyhose Bondage 3
Valerie Sky: Jeans and Pantyhose Bondage 4

Valerie is the authentic girl next door, a college student who briefly dabbled in bondage before moving onto greener pastures, a cute, cheerful girl who just looks great all bound and gagged.


Valerie wears a light blue shirt, a blue-jeans miniskirt, and pantyhose for her tie ups. First, she is securely bound to a chair with hemp rope, hands behind her back, torso ropes, and bindings and knees and ankles (tied in a crossing position) an electrical tape-gag silencing her. She struggles and mmphs through her gag, trying to get loose or call for help, to no avail. Her captor decides she’s moving to much and comes in, tying her bound ankles to the back of the chair, and adding a lap rope to keep her seated (bonds added onscreen). His work done, he leaves her to struggle by herself. Then, Valerie is lying on the floor, bound hand and foot in a ball-tie, silenced by a knotted cleave-gag. She calls for help through her gag as more ropes are added to the bondage, leaving her completely immobilized on the floor. By the time he’s done trussing her up, she can barely wiggle.


Kobe Lee: Office Girl in Bondage

2010-01-279:48 minutesBondage
Kobe Lee: Office Girl in Bondage 0
Kobe Lee: Office Girl in Bondage 1
Kobe Lee: Office Girl in Bondage 2
Kobe Lee: Office Girl in Bondage 3
Kobe Lee: Office Girl in Bondage 4

Kobe Lee is one of the top bondage models in the industry, a genuine beauty whose gentle, innocent looks belies her ability to take the toughest ties and gags. In this scene, she is a secretary dragged into a hotel and bound, gagged.


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Madame Jynx Bound and Gagged

2010-01-2610:29 minutesBondage
Madame Jynx Bound and Gagged 0
Madame Jynx Bound and Gagged 1
Madame Jynx Bound and Gagged 2
Madame Jynx Bound and Gagged 3
Madame Jynx Bound and Gagged 4
Madame Jynx is a leggy redhead with great looks and a defiant attitude that makes for a great damsel in distress. Dressed in her office work attire, complete with jacket and skirt, black top and high heels, Jynx plays a businesswoman on a trip who is surprised by an intruder in her hotel room. Helplessly bound and gagged, she becomes the thug’s plaything! Jynx starts out the scene with her hands and elbows tied behind her back. Her captor gags her onscreen with a silk scarf, winding it twice between her pouty lips. He ignores her gagged protests and continues winding ropes over her chest, thighs and ankles, securing her to the chair and leaving her to struggle. Then, removing her jacket, he tapes her mouth shut (onscreen), he lifts her skirt to show off her beautiful legs and binds her securely in a cross-legged sitting position.  

Nurse Madison: Bound, Gagged and Tormented

2010-01-257:15 minutes
Nurse Madison: Bound, Gagged and Tormented 0
Nurse Madison: Bound, Gagged and Tormented 1
Nurse Madison: Bound, Gagged and Tormented 2
Nurse Madison: Bound, Gagged and Tormented 3
Nurse Madison: Bound, Gagged and Tormented 4

Madison Young is the cutest redhead, looking so sweet and innocent you’d hardly know how much she loves getting tied up, gagged and manhandled. In this scenario she plays a naïve nurse in her pure white uniform, athletic shoes and white pantyhose, as well as eyeglasses, who is overpowered by a burglar.


First, she has her hands bound in front of her with telephone cord. Then he makes her sit at her station and binds her hands to her knees with more wire. To silence her, he cleave-gags the girl with a strip of white surgical tape as she moans in disbelief, eyes wide behind her glasses. He leaves her alone for a second and she makes for the nearby desk, trying to find something to cut her bonds! A pair of scissors will do the trick, but before she can cut herself loose, the criminal returns. Annoyed at her escape attempt, he unbuttons her uniform, uncovering her perky breasts, and punishes her by twisting her nipples while hand-gagging her. He’s brought ropes now, the nurse now finds herself trussed up to a chair, her skirt pulled up so her curvy legs and white pantyhose are put on display. He exposes her breasts again and gags the helpless girl with a whole roll of ace bandage (gagging done onscreen). Finally, poor Madison is stripped down to her pantyhose, tightly tied with hemp rope while sitting on her desk and tape-gagged. Her tormentor plays with her breasts for a bit, then leaves her to her fate.


Erika Kole: Bound

2010-01-2314:08 minutesBondage
Erika Kole: Bound  0
Erika Kole: Bound  1
Erika Kole: Bound  2
Erika Kole: Bound  3
Erika Kole: Bound  4

Erika Kole is a beautiful model and adult move star who loves bondage and playacting.