Madame Jynx Bound and Gagged

2010-01-2710:29 minutesBondage
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Madame Jynx is a leggy redhead with great looks and a defiant attitude that makes for a great damsel in distress. Dressed in her office work attire, complete with jacket and skirt, black top and high heels, Jynx plays a businesswoman on a trip who is surprised by an intruder in her hotel room. Helplessly bound and gagged, she becomes the thug’s plaything! Jynx starts out the scene with her hands and elbows tied behind her back. Her captor gags her onscreen with a silk scarf, winding it twice between her pouty lips. He ignores her gagged protests and continues winding ropes over her chest, thighs and ankles, securing her to the chair and leaving her to struggle. Then, removing her jacket, he tapes her mouth shut (onscreen), he lifts her skirt to show off her beautiful legs and binds her securely in a cross-legged sitting position.  

Nurse Madison: Bound, Gagged and Tormented

2010-01-267:15 minutes
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Madison Young is the cutest redhead, looking so sweet and innocent you’d hardly know how much she loves getting tied up, gagged and manhandled. In this scenario she plays a naïve nurse in her pure white uniform, athletic shoes and white pantyhose, as well as eyeglasses, who is overpowered by a burglar.


First, she has her hands bound in front of her with telephone cord. Then he makes her sit at her station and binds her hands to her knees with more wire. To silence her, he cleave-gags the girl with a strip of white surgical tape as she moans in disbelief, eyes wide behind her glasses. He leaves her alone for a second and she makes for the nearby desk, trying to find something to cut her bonds! A pair of scissors will do the trick, but before she can cut herself loose, the criminal returns. Annoyed at her escape attempt, he unbuttons her uniform, uncovering her perky breasts, and punishes her by twisting her nipples while hand-gagging her. He’s brought ropes now, the nurse now finds herself trussed up to a chair, her skirt pulled up so her curvy legs and white pantyhose are put on display. He exposes her breasts again and gags the helpless girl with a whole roll of ace bandage (gagging done onscreen). Finally, poor Madison is stripped down to her pantyhose, tightly tied with hemp rope while sitting on her desk and tape-gagged. Her tormentor plays with her breasts for a bit, then leaves her to her fate.


Erika Kole: Bound

2010-01-2414:08 minutesBondage
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Erika Kole is a beautiful model and adult move star who loves bondage and playacting.



Rylie: Bound For Fun

2010-01-216:09 minutesBondage
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Rylie is a girl from down south, another gal from next door, if you happen to live where they girls are blonde, tanned, and strut around in their Daisy Duke jeans shorts. Wearing her tight jean shorts and a white top, little Rylie delights us with some sexy bondage. She starts out lying facedown on a bed, hands tied behind her, ankles bound together. She struggles and calls for help, but instead of help her captor comes in, has her sit up, and silences her by stuffing a piece of cloth in her mouth and cleave-gagging her (gagging done onscreen while Rylie whimpers and protests). There’s plenty of gag talk while Rylie is shoved back down on the mattress and placed in a hogtie, despite her attempts to kick her tormentor. He even ties her cute bare feet and toes together! Rylie is left to struggle and give us a nice view of her tight jean shorts. Next, she is ball-tied with her hands in front, tied to her crossed wrists, giving us another great view of all her assets. Gagged with electrical tape, all she can do is try to call for help and bounce around. Rylie is one cute bondage gal.   Run Time: 6:06 min  
Tags: bondage

Bondage Variety Pack II

2010-01-1762 imagesBondage
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Bondage Variety Pack II 4

Lots of girls tightly bound, gagged.

Real Estate Babe in Peril, Part III

2010-01-137:33 minutesBondage
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Real Estate Babe in Peril, Part III 2
Real Estate Babe in Peril, Part III 3
Real Estate Babe in Peril, Part III 4

The dramatic conclusion to the tale of the bitchy real estate agent who finds herself bound, gagged and tormented by a vengeful psycho.

Estelle VonHelsing: Undress That Blonde!

2010-01-0813:23 minutesBondage
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Estelle VonHelsing combined the innocence of a nineteen-year old with the looks of a fashion model, tall, slender with legs that went on and on, and with great acting skills to boot. The short-haired blonde finds herself bound hand and foot, gagged with a stuffed rag held in place with plastic wrap, sitting on a chair. She is wearing a blue blouse and skirt over fishnet stockings and heels – but not for long. Estelle screeches through her gag when her captor cuts away her blouse and then rips it off her, revealing her black bra. She protests so much even through the rag in her mouth that she gets hand-gagged for a bit, as well as taunted and teased as more of her clothing is cut or ripped away. The skirt is next, but to ensure she doesn’t kick too much her bound ankles are lashed to one of the chair legs. Despite her wiggling and gagged bitching, the skirt is cut and ripped off, and now we can see very revealing red and black panties and her fishnet stockings. Less clothes, more rope: Estelle’s elbows are bound behind her to the back of the chair. Her gag is removed and she tries to bite her tormentor, but all she gets is more ropes, securing her to the chair, and an even bigger piece of cloth stuffed into her mouth (onscreen gagging). Finally, her ankles are rebound to the chair legs, spreading her legs apart and giving us a better view at her magnificent body. Her gagged screams of outrage are music to her captor’s ears.   Running Time: 13:19 min  

Real Estate Babe in Peril, Part II

2010-01-058:29 minutesBondage
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Actress-model Ariel Anderssen continues to shine in her role as a bitchy real estate agent that gets taken down a peg. Hogtied and cleave-gagged with electrical tape over her gag, our intrepid girl manages to untie her ankles, and when the guy who ties her up comes back, she tries kicking him in the face! He grabs her ankle and pushes her back down, overpowering her, and punishes her misbehavior with some spanking. With Ariel seemingly subdued, he gets her on a sitting position and starts working on her bonds; he decides she needs to be untied and re-tied. Meanwhile, Ariel continues to protest and say nasty things through her gag; there is nothing cute that a gagged British girl protesting indignantly! To make sure she doesn’t get too frisky while he unties her, her captor uses a piece of rope as a leash around her neck. She keeps protesting, even after he removes the uncomfortable crotch-rope she’s endured for who knows how long. As he continues untying her, she works her gag loose with her tongue; you can see her mind working as she loosens the gag and plans her next move. Then, as soon as her hands are loose, she leaps for the door and tries to call for help through the loosened gag. She is instead wrestled back down and threatened with the noose around her neck, and she allows herself to be re-bound. However, she tries to remove her gag with one of her hands while he binds the other one, and starts screaming for help, until her captor hand-gags her and ties another cleave-gag into her mouth. As he finishes binding both hands in a hammer-lock behind her back, she keeps trying to trick him through gag-talk, but he’s having none of it. He gets her on her feet, but the girl is still full of fight, trying to kick him and struggling while he carries her off! An action-packed clip.


Run Time: 8:26 min


Bondage Variety Pack I

2010-01-0360 imagesBondage
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Bondage Variety Pack I 3
Bondage Variety Pack I 4

Over two dozen models tied in different positions, bound, gagged and manhandled for your pleasure.

Real Estate Babe in Peril, Part I (Windows Media) 0
Real Estate Babe in Peril, Part I (Windows Media) 1
Real Estate Babe in Peril, Part I (Windows Media) 2
Real Estate Babe in Peril, Part I (Windows Media) 3
Real Estate Babe in Peril, Part I (Windows Media) 4

Ariel Anderssen is a British beauty, with the height and body of a fashion model, a classically-trained actress who will also take the toughest ties. The short-haired blonde beauty plays a real estate agent, dressed professionally with a sweater over a white shirt, a scarf around her neck, green mini-skirt, pantyhose and high heels. Her bad attitude gets her into a ton of trouble. She ends up bound, gagged and spanked.