Erika Kole: Officer Down! Part I

2010-03-24 12:10 minutes Bondage
Erika Kole: Officer Down! Part I 0
Erika Kole: Officer Down! Part I 1
Erika Kole: Officer Down! Part I 2
Erika Kole: Officer Down! Part I 3
Erika Kole: Officer Down! Part I 4
Short-haired super-cute blonde Erika Kole plays a police officer in distress. Wearing an authentic cop uniform (shirt with insignia and badge, skirt, pantyhose and heels), Erika is hogtied on a table, her arms immobilized with rope, a cleave-gag in her mouth silencing her. She struggles as hard as she can, but the ropes won’t budge! After a lengthy struggle, the thug who captured her enters the scene. He unties the ropes holding her ankles to her wrists and helps the bound and gagged girl off the table. He slings Erika over his shoulder and carries her off to the living room. The helpless officer is left on the couch, still bound at wrist, chest, knees and ankles, as well as cleave-gagged. She struggles, causing her skirt to ride off and show us her beautiful legs. She finally manages to untie her wrists, but as she is trying to escape, her captor arrives and reties her hands behind her back. He has plans for the girl; he removes her gag and makes her call a fellow officer to convince him to help the thug. After she’s done, Erika is re-gagged onscreen and hogtied. And this is but the beginning of her ordeal.  

Kaylee J and Tricia: Bondage Betrayal

2010-03-21 6:48 minutes Bondage
Kaylee J and Tricia: Bondage Betrayal 0
Kaylee J and Tricia: Bondage Betrayal 1
Kaylee J and Tricia: Bondage Betrayal 2
Kaylee J and Tricia: Bondage Betrayal 3
Kaylee J and Tricia: Bondage Betrayal 4

Two girls, lots of ropes and gags, double-crosses and triple-crosses. Blonde superbabe Kaylee and vivacious brunette Tricia star in this little tale. When Tricia and her partner surprise Kaylee at home, the pair bind and gag the girl. The scene starts with the little blonde all tied up and gagged; she has her hands behind her and her legs bound at ankle and knee. She is wearing a jeans mini-skirt and tight yellow top. Tricia is also wearing a miniskirt and short-sleeved top. The male crook instructs Tricia to watch over Kaylee. Kaylee is trouble, struggling and trying to kick, but then tries playing nice and begs to be ungagged. When Tricia complies, Kaylee asks to be untied, and Tricia agrees to loosen her hands a little. But as soon as she regains feeling in her wrists, and despite still having her legs bound, Kaylee jumps Tricia and subdues her. Tricia is now tied up and gagged while Kaylee pulls her hair and taunts her. Unfortunately for Kaylee, Tricia’s accomplice arrives and grabs her. But he’s not happy with Tricia, and he ends up leaving both girls hogtied on the bed, and tied back to back so they cannot escape. Lots of gagged protests and cursing as the two girls end up spending some quality time together.


Kaylee J: Schoolgirl Bound

2010-03-18 6:06 minutes Bondage
Kaylee J: Schoolgirl Bound 0
Kaylee J: Schoolgirl Bound 1
Kaylee J: Schoolgirl Bound 2
Kaylee J: Schoolgirl Bound 3
Kaylee J: Schoolgirl Bound 4
Blonde 19-year old starlet Kaylee J returns as a bad schoolgirl that is disciplined with some tough bondage. Wearing a very short plaid skirt, a tight black top and heels, Kaylee starts up tied up (hands behind back, ropes over and under her breasts, legs bound and knee and ankle. She is cleave-gagged with a knotted scarf. After some struggling the naughty girl is hogtied on camera; her short skirt rides up, exposing her sweet bottom – if only we’d thought of spanking her! Next, Kaylee is tied to a chair with her legs spread apart and bound into place. She is cleave-gagged onscreen, and her discipline instructor teases her by tipping the chair, while she protests through her gag. She is left to struggle and think about her misdeeds. That will teach her a lesson!  

Carly Bound and Gagged

2010-03-15 12:11 minutes Bondage
Carly Bound and Gagged 0
Carly Bound and Gagged 1
Carly Bound and Gagged 2
Carly Bound and Gagged 3
Carly Bound and Gagged 4

Carly is a slender college girl with short red hair, long hair and a sassy attitude. In this little set, she is captured at home and tied up in a variety of positions. She starts out wearing a mini-skirt, shirt, black pantyhose and heels. We find Carly bound hand and foot on her bed, a cleave-gag in her mouth. She is placed in a hogtie onscreen and left to struggle. Next, she is tied to a chair (her shoes are off) and cleave-gagged. Her gag is  with tape despite her muffled protests. Finally, stripped down to her bra, panties and pantyhose, she is securely bound with hemp, cleave-gagged and left to struggle.

Hogtying Kobe

2010-03-12 5:34 minutes Bondage
Hogtying Kobe 0
Hogtying Kobe 1
Hogtying Kobe 2
Hogtying Kobe 3
Hogtying Kobe 4

Wearing a short red nightgown, sexy bondage superstar Kobe Lee is being held captive on a bed. The gorgeous girl is tightly bound hand and foot and cleave-gagged. She moans through her gag as she is molested and spanked, then some strips of tape are added to the cleave-gag to quiet her down. Her captor pulls up her nightdress, discovering she has no panties on. He adds more ropes to her elbows, and secures her in a hogtie (onscreen). After spanking her bottom a couple of times, he leaves her on the bed to struggle. She tries her best, but can’t get loose.


Roxxxy: Party Girl Nabbed

2010-03-08 10:29 minutes Bondage
Roxxxy: Party Girl Nabbed 0
Roxxxy: Party Girl Nabbed 1
Roxxxy: Party Girl Nabbed 2
Roxxxy: Party Girl Nabbed 3
Roxxxy: Party Girl Nabbed 4

Sensual bondage babe Roxxxy plays a party girl that is lured into a bondage maniac’s house. 

Valerie Sky: Bondage Vignettes

2010-03-05 5:54 minutes Bondage
Valerie Sky: Bondage Vignettes 0
Valerie Sky: Bondage Vignettes 1
Valerie Sky: Bondage Vignettes 2
Valerie Sky: Bondage Vignettes 3
Valerie Sky: Bondage Vignettes 4
Gorgeous blonde next door Valerie Sky endures three different ties in two sexy outfits in this vignette compilation (each scene is 1.5 to 2 minutes long). In the first scene, Valerie is tied to a chair and cleave-gagged; she is wearing a tight black top, light mini-skirt, and pantyhose. After some struggling, she spits out the gag (a red rag stuffed in her mouth and held in by the cleave gag). She is re-gagged onscreen, although she manages to spit the gag one more time before she ends up with duct tape reinforcing the gag. Satisfied, her captor leaves her to struggle. Then, wearing the same outfit, she is placed in a tight hogtie in front of a mirror, so the cleave-gagged beauty can watch herself all bound and gagged. Finally, wearing a short jeans mini-dress, dark stockings and heels, Valerie lies on a bed bound hand and foot and tape-gagged. After some struggling she is hogtied onscreen and left to try to escape. Not this time, Valerie!  

Claire and Madison: Accidental Victims

2010-03-02 14:47 minutes Bondage
Claire and Madison: Accidental Victims 0
Claire and Madison: Accidental Victims 1
Claire and Madison: Accidental Victims 2
Claire and Madison: Accidental Victims 3
Claire and Madison: Accidental Victims 4

Two bondage superstars portray innocent lost girls that fall into the hands of a psycho with bondage in his mind. 

Loren and Savannah: Audition into Bondage

2010-02-23 18:26 minutes Bondage
Loren and Savannah: Audition into Bondage 0
Loren and Savannah: Audition into Bondage 1
Loren and Savannah: Audition into Bondage 2
Loren and Savannah: Audition into Bondage 3
Loren and Savannah: Audition into Bondage 4

Loren Chance is a sensual model, a true bondage lover with a mischievous attitude. Savannah Costello is a sexy, well-endowed blonde. These two great models and actresses portray wannabe starlets who audition for an “independent film.” Loren comes in wearing a blue mini-dress, pantyhose and heels. Savannah has a white sweater, black miniskirt and black stockings After learning that neither girl has close friends or relatives living nearby, the “casting director” explains to the girls that their role requires them to be tied up, so as part of the audition he expertly binds the two girls, who start getting creeped out. Unfortunately by then it’s too late, as the fake director starts adding even more rope and ignoring their complaints. The silly would-be-actresses don’t realize they are being set up, and when they demand to be untied, they are gagged onscreen (Loren gets an entire pair of pantyhose tied between her teeth, Savannah a cleave-gag). The thug takes some time to manhandle and fondle the bound and gagged girls while he explains to them the audition is to become sex slaves in the Middle East!  Later, the girls are tied to chairs, their breasts exposed. Their captor plays with their tits while hand-gagging the girls, then gags them onscreen; each girl gets two pieces of cloth jammed into their mouths, then covered with white surgical tape. The helpless girls are left to struggle before being shipped overseas!


Kaylee J: Bound for Fun

2010-02-19 7:27 minutes Bondage
Kaylee J: Bound for Fun 0
Kaylee J: Bound for Fun 1
Kaylee J: Bound for Fun 2
Kaylee J: Bound for Fun 3
Kaylee J: Bound for Fun 4
Imagine binding and gagging a Lindsey or a Britney, and you get an idea of what nineteen-year old Kaylee J is like as a model. She has the looks and charisma of a starlet combined with a natural playfulness that makes her one of the most fun models I’ve worked with. Here, little Kaylee J, wearing a black mini-skirt, pantyhose and a long-sleeved white shirt, is on the floor, bound in an intricate tie with black rope, including a crotch-rope, gagged with a wad of cloth under an ace bandage, and blindfolded as well. At this point Kaylee had not been tied up many times, so you can watch her explore the feeling of being totally helpless even as she grunts and moans through her gag. Her blindfold is removed and used to wrap over her gag to silence her some more, and more ropes are added to render her helpless on the floor. Next, she is stripped down to her bra and panties, and is placed in a revealing wrist-to-knees tie, as well as gagged with black tape. She struggles, growls and tries to kick as more bonds are tightened around her ankles. Kaylee J at her best.