Erika Kole: Officer Down! Part I 0
Erika Kole: Officer Down! Part I 1
Erika Kole: Officer Down! Part I 2
Erika Kole: Officer Down! Part I 3
Erika Kole: Officer Down! Part I 4
Short-haired super-cute blonde Erika Kole plays a police officer in distress. Wearing an authentic cop uniform (shirt with insignia and badge, skirt, pantyhose and heels), Erika is hogtied on a table, her arms immobilized with rope, a cleave-gag in her mouth silencing her. She struggles as hard as she can, but the ropes won’t budge! After a lengthy struggle, the thug who captured her enters the scene. He unties the ropes holding her ankles to her wrists and helps the bound and gagged girl off the table. He slings Erika over his shoulder and carries her off to the living room. The helpless officer is left on the couch, still bound at wrist, chest, knees and ankles, as well as cleave-gagged. She struggles, causing her skirt to ride off and show us her beautiful legs. She finally manages to untie her wrists, but as she is trying to escape, her captor arrives and reties her hands behind her back. He has plans for the girl; he removes her gag and makes her call a fellow officer to convince him to help the thug. After she’s done, Erika is re-gagged onscreen and hogtied. And this is but the beginning of her ordeal.