Nyssa Grabbed in Bed

01.08.201013:59 MinutenBondage
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Nyssa Grabbed in Bed 1
Nyssa Grabbed in Bed 2
Nyssa Grabbed in Bed 3
Nyssa Grabbed in Bed 4

Sexy Asian babe Nyssa Nevers bound and gagged.

Schlagworte: fondled

Shauna Ryan: Grabbed By A Fan! Part II

30.04.20109:31 MinutenBondage
Shauna Ryan: Grabbed By A Fan! Part II 0
Shauna Ryan: Grabbed By A Fan! Part II 1
Shauna Ryan: Grabbed By A Fan! Part II 2
Shauna Ryan: Grabbed By A Fan! Part II 3
Shauna Ryan: Grabbed By A Fan! Part II 4

When we last left super-busty Shauna Ryan (aka Sharon Engert), she was wearing only panties, tightly roped up, ball-gagged and struggling on a mattress. Her fan arrives, and starts groping her despite her gagged protests. Shauna is hogtied onscreen, after which he fondles her some more. As soon as he leaves her alone for a minute, she desperately tries to get loose, and after some intense struggling she manages to untie her hands and feet. Shauna tries to escape, but is re-captured. Next, she is completely naked, tied on her back to a table, and gagged with packing and clear tape. 

Claire and Madison: Accidental Victims

02.03.201014:47 MinutenBondage
Claire and Madison: Accidental Victims 0
Claire and Madison: Accidental Victims 1
Claire and Madison: Accidental Victims 2
Claire and Madison: Accidental Victims 3
Claire and Madison: Accidental Victims 4

Two bondage superstars portray innocent lost girls that fall into the hands of a psycho with bondage in his mind. 

Schlagworte: fondling, gag, gagged, fondled, bondage

Bondage Housewarming Party

01.02.20109:44 MinutenBondage
Bondage Housewarming Party 0
Bondage Housewarming Party 1
Bondage Housewarming Party 2
Bondage Housewarming Party 3
Bondage Housewarming Party 4

Roxxxy (sensual former exotic dancer turned bondage model) is excellent as a perverted housewife with sinister plans for her sexy neighbor. Said sexy neighbor is Savannah Costello, a gorgeous and well-endowed blonde.


Roxxxy and her equally perverted cousin and partner in crime invite Savannah to a housewarming party. Roxxxy is dressed in a virginal white skirt, cream top, and heels. The unsuspecting Savannah comes in, wearing a print mini-dress, black thigh-high stockings, and heels. Next thing she knows, Roxxxy and her partner are grabbing her, hand-gagging her and tying her up (onscreen). The perverted duo has a great time examining, prodding and fondling their blonde victim as they truss her up, jam a rag into her mouth and secure it in place with a red scarf. They make fun of her “Wild Thing” panties as they bind her legs and finish tying her up. In the next scene, Savanah has been stripped down to her panties and stockings, and tightly bound. They comment about her boobs (he thinks they’re real, but Roxxxy doesn’t) and then gag her onscreen with another stuff and cleave gag. After Savannah’s gagged, Roxxxy spends some alone time with the blonde girl, pinching her nipples and toying with the helpless captive. But then Roxxxy’s friend decides Roxxxy needs to join in – as another tied up girl. He grabs Roxxxy and ties her up, then gags her with rag in her mouth and a cleave-gag. After telling the girls they’re in for a lot of fun, he leaves them to struggle together. Savannah manages to untie Roxxxy, but the crazy cousin comes in to put a stop to the escape attempt. What happens next… is up to your imagination.


Schlagworte: fondled, bondage, gag, gagged