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Rylie is a girl from down south, another gal from next door, if you happen to live where they girls are blonde, tanned, and strut around in their Daisy Duke jeans shorts. Wearing her tight jean shorts and a white top, little Rylie delights us with some sexy bondage. She starts out lying facedown on a bed, hands tied behind her, ankles bound together. She struggles and calls for help, but instead of help her captor comes in, has her sit up, and silences her by stuffing a piece of cloth in her mouth and cleave-gagging her (gagging done onscreen while Rylie whimpers and protests). There’s plenty of gag talk while Rylie is shoved back down on the mattress and placed in a hogtie, despite her attempts to kick her tormentor. He even ties her cute bare feet and toes together! Rylie is left to struggle and give us a nice view of her tight jean shorts. Next, she is ball-tied with her hands in front, tied to her crossed wrists, giving us another great view of all her assets. Gagged with electrical tape, all she can do is try to call for help and bounce around. Rylie is one cute bondage gal.   Run Time: 6:06 min  
Schlagworte: bondage