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Madame Jynx is a leggy redhead with great looks and a defiant attitude that makes for a great damsel in distress. Dressed in her office work attire, complete with jacket and skirt, black top and high heels, Jynx plays a businesswoman on a trip who is surprised by an intruder in her hotel room. Helplessly bound and gagged, she becomes the thug’s plaything! Jynx starts out the scene with her hands and elbows tied behind her back. Her captor gags her onscreen with a silk scarf, winding it twice between her pouty lips. He ignores her gagged protests and continues winding ropes over her chest, thighs and ankles, securing her to the chair and leaving her to struggle. Then, removing her jacket, he tapes her mouth shut (onscreen), he lifts her skirt to show off her beautiful legs and binds her securely in a cross-legged sitting position.  
Schlagworte: bondage, gagging, gagged