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Red-haired Kendra James is a bondage superstar who has worked with the best and brightest in the bondage industry. In this little storyline she is bound and gagged in a sexy two-piece red outfit.


Kendra starts out with her wrists and elbows bound behind her back, and a cleave gag to keep her quiet, kneeling on a bed. She keeps trying to crawl away and her tormentor drags her back and ties her crossed ankles together, despite her attempts to kick him. He uses more rope to secure her shoes to her feet, so she won’t be kicking them away (sorry, barefoot lovers! There will be plenty of barefoot action in other clips). Kendra soon finds herself in a secure hogtie and is left to struggle against her bonds and gag. Next, she is tied in a standing position, with her arms overhead bound to a heating pipe and her knees tied together. She is gagged onscreen with medical wrap, with the gag wrapping around her head and pipe, securing her head to the pipe. She is left to struggle. Despite the fact her ankles are free, the ropes on her knees and hands render her quite helpless, which she soon discovers.


Schlagworte: bondage games, gag, gagged