Kaylee J: Bound for Fun 0
Kaylee J: Bound for Fun 1
Kaylee J: Bound for Fun 2
Kaylee J: Bound for Fun 3
Kaylee J: Bound for Fun 4
Imagine binding and gagging a Lindsey or a Britney, and you get an idea of what nineteen-year old Kaylee J is like as a model. She has the looks and charisma of a starlet combined with a natural playfulness that makes her one of the most fun models I’ve worked with. Here, little Kaylee J, wearing a black mini-skirt, pantyhose and a long-sleeved white shirt, is on the floor, bound in an intricate tie with black rope, including a crotch-rope, gagged with a wad of cloth under an ace bandage, and blindfolded as well. At this point Kaylee had not been tied up many times, so you can watch her explore the feeling of being totally helpless even as she grunts and moans through her gag. Her blindfold is removed and used to wrap over her gag to silence her some more, and more ropes are added to render her helpless on the floor. Next, she is stripped down to her bra and panties, and is placed in a revealing wrist-to-knees tie, as well as gagged with black tape. She struggles, growls and tries to kick as more bonds are tightened around her ankles. Kaylee J at her best.