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Fay Galloway is a beautiful brunette with a gorgeous face and runway-model body who will put up quite a struggle even after she is tied up. Here she wears a short red mini-skirt, a white office shirt, black pantyhose and brown boots as she struggles with two strict positions. First, she is bound hand and foot, with ropes above and below her breasts, and cleave-gagged. She struggles and manages to spit out her gag, only to be re-gagged onscreen with a wad of cloth stuffed into her mouth and an ace bandage covering her mouth. She is hogtied and left to struggle. Next, stripped down to bra, panties, pantyhose and boots, our young beauty ends up in bed, hands tied behind her, feet bound onscreen. Her black cleave-gag is r on camera with duct tape. She struggles for all she's worth, trying desperately to get free, but will she?