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Estelle VonHelsing combined the innocence of a nineteen-year old with the looks of a fashion model, tall, slender with legs that went on and on, and with great acting skills to boot. The short-haired blonde finds herself bound hand and foot, gagged with a stuffed rag held in place with plastic wrap, sitting on a chair. She is wearing a blue blouse and skirt over fishnet stockings and heels – but not for long. Estelle screeches through her gag when her captor cuts away her blouse and then rips it off her, revealing her black bra. She protests so much even through the rag in her mouth that she gets hand-gagged for a bit, as well as taunted and teased as more of her clothing is cut or ripped away. The skirt is next, but to ensure she doesn’t kick too much her bound ankles are lashed to one of the chair legs. Despite her wiggling and gagged bitching, the skirt is cut and ripped off, and now we can see very revealing red and black panties and her fishnet stockings. Less clothes, more rope: Estelle’s elbows are bound behind her to the back of the chair. Her gag is removed and she tries to bite her tormentor, but all she gets is more ropes, securing her to the chair, and an even bigger piece of cloth stuffed into her mouth (onscreen gagging). Finally, her ankles are rebound to the chair legs, spreading her legs apart and giving us a better view at her magnificent body. Her gagged screams of outrage are music to her captor’s ears.   Running Time: 13:19 min