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Kaylee J Bound Twice

November 14, 2010

9:44 minutes

Sweet little Kaylee J is bound wearing two different outfits. First, she is tied up while dressed in a miniskirt and top. Then, wearing a sexy fetish black outfit, she is tightly trussed up and gagged with a bandage and tape.


Estelle: Bad Girl in Bondage

November 10, 2010

10:56 minutes

Red-headed Estelle plays the role of a female criminal trying to rob a homeowner with a gun. But the bad girl never expected to be captured, bound gagged, and eventually end up stripped naked, strung up by her wrists, then tied up, tape-gagged and stuffed in a box!


Evelyn Rose Bound and Undressed

November 06, 2010

6:20 minutes

Evelyn Rose is bound, gagged, has her pants pulled down, and is trussed up and left to struggle.


Skythe Dark: Schoolgirl In Bondage

October 09, 2010

10:44 minutes

Skythe Dark plays a curious college student in a plaid uniform skirt who is curious about bondage and wants to try it out. A "friend" helps her out, and soon the curious girl finds herself tightly bound and gagged in three positions. She discovers she doesn't like it, but now she's stuck!


Erika Kole Bound Gagged, Part I

September 28, 2010

6:49 minutes

Sweet blond Erika is tied up, gagged,


Julie Simone: Sexy Librarian Bound

September 20, 2010

6:22 minutes

Julie Simone looks delectable sporting the "sexylibrarian" look, complete with glasses, long-sleeved shirt, black miniskirt and black pantyhose and heels. She endures two tight ties. First, she is ball-tied and tape-gagged, in such a way she can barely move despite her struggling. Then, arms folded behind her back and frog-tied, gagged with yellow wrapping tape, gorgeous Julie bounces all over the bed trying to escape, but all she manages to do is ride up her skirt.


Allanah and Cali: Bondage and Tickling, Part II

September 16, 2010

9:34 minutes

The double bondage and tickling treat continues, as Cali and Allanah take turns tying, gagging and tickling each other. Cali goes first, secured to a chair with rope and cleave-gagged, teased and tormented by the grinning Allanah. Then the roles are reversed, with Allanah helplessly bound, gagged with tape over a cleave-gag, and tormented without mercy by the vengeful Cali.


Allanah and Cali: Bondage and Tickling, Part I

September 12, 2010

9:34 minutes

Two half-naked girls, ropes, gags and tickling fingers, starring Allanah Rhodes, gorgeous tall and athletic, and Cali Ford, buxom pale blonde. 


Ariel and CJ: Babysitters Bound, Part II

September 09, 2010

6:16 minutes

The ordeal of the two nannies lured into a bondage nightmare comes to its dramatic conclusion. Leggy blonde Ariel Anderssen and busty brunette C.J. Sullivan wake up to find themselves stripped topless (wearing panties and pantyhose) and bound to chairs. They struggle to be free to no avail, and their captor gags them onscreen. CJ has her mouth stuffed with cloth and covered with surgical tape while Ariel protests loudly. Then it's the blonde's turn, and she has her mouth stuffed with an entire silk scarf, surgical tape plastered over the gag, and when that's not enough, some duct tape is added in to shut her up. Their captor takes some time to fondle and pinch the helpless girls' breasts, then leaves them to struggle.


Chanta Rose: Hooker in Trouble, Part II

September 02, 2010

7:19 minutes

Chanta's misadventures continue, as she is stripped, bound, gagged.